8 week Online Course // "ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL"// Videos + Demos + PDFs + Chat/ Start anytime!

  • 8 week Online Course // "ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL"// Videos + Demos + PDFs + Chat/ Start anytime!
  • 8 week Online Course // "ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL"// Videos + Demos + PDFs + Chat/ Start anytime!
  • 8 week Online Course // "ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL"// Videos + Demos + PDFs + Chat/ Start anytime!
  • 8 week Online Course // "ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL"// Videos + Demos + PDFs + Chat/ Start anytime!
  • 8 week Online Course // "ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL"// Videos + Demos + PDFs + Chat/ Start anytime!


Have you ever wanted to pump up your journaling skills? Love drawing but don’t know how to fit it into your busy day? Looking for a way to add more reflection & inspiration to your daily unwind? Wishing you could record your vacations in a more engaging manner? Would you like to learn new & exciting ways to document your life… with art YOU create? Sounds like you would *love* taking this online class.

In “Illustrated Journal: Your Life in Pictures”, you’ll learn to do all of that!


✦ This course is now completely ASYNCHRONOUS. A link to ALL 8 weeks of the course will be sent to you within 2 days of purchase. Your link & access to the content will expire 1 year from purchase.

✦ This course is meant to be enrichment (ie. you will not receive college or other forms of credit by participating.)

✦ Due to the nature of this course, and the time required to build the course, please understand that REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE for any reason. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE LISTING before making your purchase. Purchasing this listing constitutes an agreement to the information shared here & an understanding that buying this listing guarantees your enrollment in this course, which WILL run regardless of enrollment numbers. Other courses of this kind sell for $500+ , but I am attempting to keep costs as low as I can for you, to make art/art making as accessible as possible.

*** ABOUT THIS COURSE *** (the FUN print!)

The ideal student:
✦ doesn’t need ANY previous experience with drawing or painting
✦ is eager to learn & motivated to grow
✦ is looking for a way to create & maintain a regular art practice
✦ is willing to take risks (with their art) and add new techniques & skills to their
✦ wants to build upon skills (of any level) to create work that is personal & draws
inspiration from the world around them & their lived experiences.
✦ is open to feedback, wants support, & will promise themselves they’ll try new
things, without judgment.
✦ is excited to be a part of a nurturing, lively community of artists of all skill levels.

What will you learn in this course:
✦ “Illustrated Journal: Your Life in Pictures” will begin with the basics of Illustration (what is it, what does it look like & why do we do it), before asking you to explore your “voice” as a creative being. We’ll cover concepts like basic color theory, pattern making & texture. You will learn to create your own hand lettered typography. Over the 8 weeks of this course, you will explore the mundane and learn to bring life to the things you see and do every day. We’ll create self portraits in new and exciting ways, and find inspiration in things you find around yourself. This course will take you on exciting adventures around your home (inside and out) and into the world beyond; learn to see and appreciate all the big and not-so-big things that make you YOU. You’ll gain insight into storytelling techniques and strengthen your conceptual skills, to make your artwork more than just a direct depiction of what you’re looking at. You will have built a practice of setting aside time every day to make your mark!-- to reflect on your experiences, wind down & soothe your soul. We will draw, paint, collage and more. By the end of this course, you will have a full/nearly full Illustrated Journal, documenting 2 months of your life, and you will have a better sense of color, line, texture & narrative.

What kinds of assignments should you expect?:
✦ Self portraits (not the kind you’re thinking!), drawing from life (still and in MOTION!), exploring your world outside and bringing that reference indoors for inspired fictional pieces. You’ll create your own font and learn to make an illuminated “manuscript” & illustrated inspirational quotes with it. I’ll teach you the basics of an hourly comic, how to translate abstract feelings with collage, and make a daily drawing part of your routine, through “outfit of the day”, food art and other ideas. You’ll get access to prompts & unique nudges to help you keep your journal fresh and exciting. For fans of Bullet Journaling, you’ll be able to bring new techniques to your favorite planner. For keepers of gratitude journals, you’ll discover new ways to document the “little things” in life. Everyone will gain new additions to their “visual library” they can use in any project.

Course Structure:
✦ Students in the “basic” course: you will work through 8 modules, originally presented weekly, over the 8 weeks of this course. You will be given access to all 8 modules after completing your purchase; it's recommended that you follow each module in order, as concepts build off one another. Each module contains weekly PDF &/or video lessons, downloadable worksheets & resources.

Requirements & Materials:
✦ Prior to the start of class (with plenty of time for any shopping you may need to do), you will receive a supplies & materials list, including links to specific products I will be using, should you choose to purchase those as well. However, you do not NEED to buy anything new or fancy, so long as you have access to the following:
✦ a sketchbook, which you will be using as your visual journal & doing all your
assignments in; the ideal book would be a “mixed media”/ thick paged
variety, in a “travel-able” size– 6x8/ 8x8 ish are great for this sort of thing.
✦ an assortment of “dry” materials: ink pens, pencils, colored pencils, pastel,
crayons etc– all up to you!
✦ an assortment of “wet” materials: watercolor, gouache, acrylic– again, you
can choose which you’d like to try out.
✦ glue, scissors, found materials, magazines & other recyclables, a ruler &
✦ as the course is being taught online, you will need access to a computer,
preferably one with a webcam (so you can participate in the visual portion
of our live classes; not required).
you may also want to make use of a scanner or a scanning app on a smart
phone… but just a regular photo of your work will do just fine!

About the instructor:
Danamarie Hosler is an internationally collected illustrator & fiber artist. She holds a BFA from the prestigious Maryland Institute College of Art, where she also spent 12+ years as a professor, teaching Character Design and Intro to Illustration, as well as core classes for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, Professional Development and a variety of Pre-College and MICA Art Camp courses for younger learners. Her online teaching skills were fine tuned during the early years of the pandemic (& now she can't imagine teaching any other way! The opportunities it presents for learners of all stripes is liberating!) Prior to that, and in addition to running her own business: *might & mightyPigeon, Danamarie worked as the Lead Education Assistant at the Walters Art Museum, in the Children & Family Programs department. Her private teaching sessions date back to early 2007, where she taught workshops in preschool through elementary programs, homeschool groups, and adults of all skill levels at School 33. After college, Danamarie illustrated children's books and magazines, while working as the Assistant Director of Admissions at MICA– those skills made her uniquely qualified to give Private Portfolio Prep lessons for multiple aspiring high school artists. Danamarie’s clients include Disney+, the Muppets Studio, the city of Baltimore, and the international smash podcast, My Favorite Murder.
She currently resides in Baltimore, where she continues her daily art practice and homeschools her kids, incredible artists themselves.


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