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Family Portraits // ROLLING SHIPPING (ships BY NOVEMBER 30, 2023)// Photos due by AUGUST 1, 2023

$200.00 - $425.00
  • Family Portraits //   ROLLING SHIPPING (ships BY NOVEMBER 30, 2023)// Photos due by AUGUST 1, 2023
  • Family Portraits //   ROLLING SHIPPING (ships BY NOVEMBER 30, 2023)// Photos due by AUGUST 1, 2023
  • Family Portraits //   ROLLING SHIPPING (ships BY NOVEMBER 30, 2023)// Photos due by AUGUST 1, 2023
  • Family Portraits //   ROLLING SHIPPING (ships BY NOVEMBER 30, 2023)// Photos due by AUGUST 1, 2023
  • Family Portraits //   ROLLING SHIPPING (ships BY NOVEMBER 30, 2023)// Photos due by AUGUST 1, 2023

Custom Family Portraits, with rolling guaranteed shipping by NOVEMBER 30, 2023. The listing title will be edited each time I reach a certain capacity and the "ships by" & "photos due by" dates will be updated. Whatever the listing title is at the time of purchase is what to expect.

◉ PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing this listing constitutes an agreement to all the terms included herein, and will serve as a binding contract for this custom work.
ALL purchases are FINAL. Custom work CANNOT be returned or refunded. Once the listing is purchased, the order cannot be cancelled. You will be provided with a PDF version of this listing, so that you have a copy of all the information to refer to after this order period closes and the listing is deactivated.

If you have ANY questions, email me before you commit to this purchase:




◉ If you are purchasing ANYTHING else today (besides Pet or Family portraits), please complete two separate transactions so that your ready-to-ship items can be sent in a timely manner. Otherwise, they will ship when your portrait does.

◉ All custom work orders are valid for a calendar year. For PRE-ORDERS & Gift Certificate orders you have an additional "grace period" which starts the clock on January 1st of the new year and gives you through the end of that year to submit your materials. If that deadline is missed,a you will FORFEIT your order. Due to the nature of this queue/pre-order system, please keep in mind that by holding one of the very limited spaces for your order, I am turning away other clients & work. Therefore, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON CUSTOM ORDERS, for any reason.

◉ In the event that you should fail to submit your photos and info within a year of listing purchase, you can request a shop credit in the amount of 25% of your purchase price (tax and shipping excluded).

◉ Further down in this listing, you'll find a breakdown of what types of photos I need in order to capture a whimsical but recognizable likeness of the subjects. If, after reviewing that info you are concerned that the photos you have access to might not be good enough (due to limited access to images-- it's a surprise, a subject has passed on etc), please email me at either of those addresses above, or use the contact from on this site, BEFORE you purchase a listing. I will be happy to review images for you (email me first and I'll tell you what to send me). If you are concerned about losing out on a spot in the queue due to this extra step, please don't! I hold back a few slots in each shipping group for just this reason.

◉ You are responsible for reading & understanding the listing content and agree to all terms when you make your purchase. You will be sent a PDF version of the content of this listing for your records after purchase.

If you have ANY questions, please email me first and let me help! Thanks!


WHAT TO EXPECT (fine print):


◉ THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE (1) FAMILY PORTRAIT; YOU WILL CHOOSE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE/PETS INCLUDED, from the menu below. Pricing will vary depending on which options you choose.

◉ You can choose from the "standard" design style which is either just people or a combination of people and animals, OR the newest addition to the offerings: Pets Only! (see the last image in the listing to get an idea of what that could look like).

◉ If you don't see your family qualities represented in the drop down menu below, please EMAIL me-- it could just be sold out, or not a combination I've done before, or might be difficult size/space wise. I'm happy to discuss options with you!

◉ Portraits are printed on 8x10 paper; the image area is 7.5" x 7.5", including a thin .25" white border on all sides + an additional 2" border at the bottom; this means it can be trimmed to an 8" square with an even border all around or left as is, depending on how you choose to frame it.

◉ You will automatically receive two copies of your portrait-- one will be the "proof" test print (sometimes full size/ sometimes smaller, often on lesser quality paper & frequently the incorrect color) and the other will be the official full sized final copy on fine art matte paper. Keep one and gift the other, if you'd like!

◉ If you want additional final copies of this original piece, you can order additional prints for just $10 each (provided they are going to the same shipping address). If you know now that you'll want extras-- just note the number of additional copies you want in your notes at checkout & I will follow up for payment instructions before your piece is due to ship. You will also be asked if you need extra prints when you fill out the questionnaire, so don't worry if you don't know yet. You can also reach out at any time before your order ships and I can add the request. If you need copies sent to other addresses, applicable shipping rates will also be charged.

◉ In addition to excellent photos of your family, what really helps me make these portraits magical is input on customization from YOU! When I am ready to collect your images & info, I will reach out to you with a link to a questionnaire designed to collect your likes (and dislikes) and gather your requests for colors, design elements, clothing and hair choices and more. You will also upload your images via this form. Please help me stay efficient for YOU and save your input and images until I ask for them-- everything MUST be collected through that form.

◉ If you'd like to start planning now, you can find some examples of the types of decorative elements you will be able to customize at the end of this listing. You can also check out the instagram hashtag #MPAfamilyPortraits to see some of the nearly 200 Family Portraits I've created so far. Feel free to gather inspiration from those too!



Shipping and production time will operate on a ROLLING basis dependent on when images and info are submitted and approved. Your "guaranteed SHIP date" is included in the listing title; so long as your materials are received on time, you can count on the piece being completed and SHIPPED by that day. Please refer to the relevant section above for specifics for your order type.

◉ The USPS continues to struggle with consistency & there is nothing I can do to change that. This is the reason I don't offer a guaranteed DELIVERY date; I can only control when they SHIP.

◉ When your order ships, Big Cartel/Paypal will send you a notification email which includes the tracking number. That number can be *helpful* in following the progress of your package in transit, but it is frequently INACCURATE/ doesn't get updated/ gets updated too early etc. I never mark a package shipped until it has been handed over to the USPS-- if the tracking doesn't show progress at the beginning, that is a scanning oversight on their part. IF at any time you have concerns about your package, you will need to reach out to your local USPS branch directly; I am not able to do anything or see any additional detail than you can, and especially on either side of the holidays, I will be inundated with work and emails-- you'll get better and faster assistance going directly to the people who can help you.

◉ I am not able to or responsible for refunds due to improper handling of your mail piece by the USPS. Your piece will be packaged with care; I have no control over what happens after it leaves me.

◉ If your shipping address changes after you place your order, it is your responsibility to email me an update.


These orders are NON-REFUNDABLE, so please be sure that this is something you can comfortably afford and something you can wait many months for. I want you to be happy with your piece, and I want to make sure I am able to honor your family; for this reason, I do not offer rush shipping options. Additionally, please bear in mind that the portrait work I do is the cornerstone of my business & I am only able to offer a limited number of custom pieces per year; your order fills a spot I can't offer to someone else after the fact. These pieces take 10-18 hours on average, and I plan *everything* else around the income & schedule for them, so once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.


As mentioned above, after you purchase your listing, PLEASE keep your receipt from Big Cartel; you will need your order number & your receipt will also show you exactly what you ordered and what your order type is (# of people/animals). Within a week of placing your order, I will reach out via email-- within it you'll find a PDF version of this entire listing, so you’ll have a copy (the listing will eventually be taken offline after all the slots fill & new ship by dates are added) + FAQs and photo guidance, a link to the questionnaire you'll fill out to help me customize your piece & upload your images.



◉ Please do NOT email me your photos or submission info. You will be sent a link to a form to complete and directions for uploading your images to a cloud based folder.

◉ If any of the people/pets you are purchasing a portrait for has passed on or if you for any reason will have limited access to photos, please EMAIL ME before making your purchase, so I can see the images you have and let you know what will be possible. Some photos will not provide enough visual info for me to get you a good drawing.

◉ Your photos need to fit the submission requirements (every subject straight on, looking directly at the camera, no head tilts or 3/4 profiles -- essentially, I both ears need to be visible in the photo). Before you place your order ensure that you can capture a good photo of each subject. I cannot work from blurry, dark, rotated (photo is submitted on its side), overly processed (snapchat or other app filters applied), black and white, flash flooded (features aren't discernible because the flash has washed out the details) etc photos. I also can’t imagine parts of your subjects (if the photo has them in glasses, they will be drawn with glasses on), create edits (draw the hair a different color than in the picture or with a different texture than what you are showing me, or imagine the top of someone's head when the photo includes a hat you don't want me to draw) OR mash photos together (you like their glasses in one picture but want their smile from another photo)-- you will need to submit a photo that includes everyone's full face, doing what you want their face doing. The ONLY exception is if you have a specific hair request and can provide pictures from the same angle, of the alternate hair (two photos, facing forward but one shows the face really well and the other shows the hairstyle you prefer). If I need to do any alterations beyond that, I will need to charge for the time it takes me to merge those images together.


I will make efforts to reach out to you/remind you to submit your images THREE times in total: the initial email (within a week of purchase), a reminder email (which is typically sent when the earliest submission deadline for your group has passed) and finally, whenever I've completed every other order from your shipping group & am sending submission info to the next group. After the first reminder, I will not be able to guarantee a shipping date for you, but I can offer an estimate; after the second reminder, I will only be able to offer a rough estimate, but will also ask you to refrain from "checking in" after that response-- I will get to it as soon as I am able. If I still do not receive materials from you after 3 attempts to reach you, I will not be able to remind you any further.


I am no longer able to carry a custom art "tab" any longer than a calendar year.
I have, for years, tried to be as flexible as possible, but as my work responsibilities & schedule have changed, I do need to install some much more rigid boundaries in order to provide the most consistent service.

◉ If you're concerned that you will not be able to abide by the "rules", I appreciate your honesty and awareness and hope you are able to find an artist who will be better able to mesh with your needs! No hard feelings, I promise.

◉ Effective January 1, 2021: The CUSTOMER end of all custom orders must be completed within a calendar year of purchase. You will be given the On-Time Submission deadline for your shipping group when you receive your submission info packet email and it is expected that you meet that deadline so that I can meet mine.

◉ If you miss the deadline you are given for "On-Time" shipping, it's totally OK.
You can submit your photos at any time without waiting to be prompted/reminded by me, as long as they are in by 11:59pm ET December 31, 2023. Your piece will still be completed if the materials come in late-- I just can't give you a guarantee as to when.

◉ If materials are not submitted before your order expires, your portrait order will be forfeited (your order will be cancelled; you will not be refunded) and you will be offered a store credit in the amount of 25% of your initial portrait price (excluding tax & shipping). If you are thinking that follow through on your end will be a challenge for any reason, please email me before purchasing so we can discuss other suitable options for you!

◉ Your purchase today is NON-REFUNDABLE. If, for any reason, you anticipate an issue with making this purchase so far in advance of delivery, please don't commit to this listing.



◉ This listing is for ONE custom portrait, to be rendered digitally & printed on archival quality. The image size is approximately 7.5 x 7.5" and the print itself is 8x10. Print will be signed and dated.

◉ Due to the individualized and custom nature of this work, RETURNS and/or EXCHANGES are not offered. Please note the stylization of the characters in the sample image... this is how you and your pets and people will be rendered. It will not be photo-realistic, but an interpreted caricature of sorts, done in my illustrative style, based on the photos you send me. You will be rendered like a "peg doll" (no arms/legs; just head and torso) and you will be able to choose your own color palettes, clothing types, background pattern & foreground trim. If you need help choosing, let me know! I will also tell you if I think your choices won't work too well together and I'm happy to work with you to make your piece the best it can be.

◉ I will make your custom piece as magical and lovely as possible, but please remember that, especially in terms of "accuracy" of likeness, the responsibility starts with you & the photos you send me. You will be given a detailed PDF to help guide you. Here are some things to think about in the meantime:

a.) High quality, well lit and flattering photos of any people or animals meant to be included in the portrait, looking directly at the camera at eye level. For PETS typically 2 photos are enough! (their facial markings and what they look like when SITTING are all I need to know). Everyone should be smiling (or whatever their happy face looks like-- if not, you end up with people who don't really seem to be "together" ). Please note that EVERYONE will be rendered with BLACK EYES. That is the style I draw in (and there are reasons why it truly is the best option for this type of portraiture). As for pets: dogs will almost always have solid black eyes as well (unless the dog has really light eyes in real life) and cats will get standard cat eyes with their eye color. If a HUMAN in your portrait has VERY distinct light eyes *and* it will not look bad, I will do my best to include that detail if requested.

b.) For clothing: you are rendered PEG DOLL style (no arms/legs, just torso) so I just need to know what you'd like drawn on your top half (ie: a hoodie, a vintage style dress, a polka dot shirt and striped pants, icon of a star in the center...) If you have a special request-- like your wedding dress or a specific shirt, you'll need to upload a photo of that as well. For PETS ONLY portraits, I can include decorative elements on them if you’d like— bandannas, flower crowns, bow ties...

c.) your choice for the background pattern-- these are typically best as relatively simple designs, so they dont conflict with your portraits. Choose from things like stars, waves, stripes, fleur de lis, retro diamonds, starbursts, geometric "triangle quilt", folk art patterns (tell me what country/culture— Mexican, Scandinavian etc), constellations/space, the forest, a field, ocean, the Magic Kingdom, the Haunted Mansion wallpaper, the wallpaper in your favorite room at home ... If you dont have a preference that is totally fine; I am more than happy to pick something that will work best with your other elements, or you can tell me more about your family so I can choose something that will better tell your story.

d.) your choice for the foreground border-- if you are an MFM fan and would like me to use this same skull/poppies/knives border I used on their portraits, please let me know. Otherwise, typically a floral border will work the best and allow the portraits to shine. If there is a particular icon or design element you'd like me to include, let me know. Otherwise, if you have a specific type of flower you are drawn to, I can use that. Other ideas could include things like a selection of gems/crystals popping up, a pile of stars, sandy beach, ferns, wheat fields, wildflowers, native plants, stacks of books, etc. You are welcome to peruse the #MPAfamilyportrait tag on Instagram for other examples and inspiration for backgrounds, foregrounds, outfits, color palettes etc-- feel free to take screenshots of things you'd like me to apply to your piece and any notes on how you'd like them edited if applicable (like, please use this background but with a full moon instead of a crescent)

e.) overall color preferences or strong dislikes-- if there is something I can USE or definitely NOT use, I will 100% do it. In some cases some colors just wont work with the rest of your image and if that is the case, I will let you know.

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Shipping is currently available for the U.S & Canada. At this time, unfortunately, due to the ongoing purposeful dismantling of our postal service, I am "requiring" an email chat with all prospective clients living outside of the U.S. & Canada before custom art orders can be placed, so that we can discuss shipping costs and expectations. If you fall in that category, please email me so we can get you started!