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A is for Alligator
B is for Bear
C is for Cat

... there's nothing *wrong* with that, of course, but your kid's cooler than that, right?
Why not spruce up her room and give her something to get REALLY excited about with the Under-appreciated Animal series by *mightyPigeon!?

this project began when I started realizing that my son's favorite animals at the zoo were also the ones you never see in books or cards or toys for kids... he loved the Dik-Dik, for example, but I couldn't find him any books or cards that didn't use a Dog, a Duck or a Deer.

raise a cooler kid & learn about some new animals at the same time!

this listing is for a deck of 54 playing cards (1 joker, 1 instruction card & 26 pairs of matching animals/letters in capital & lowercase). cards are professionally printed on sturdy weight plastic coated paper-- like decks of cards you'd buy in the store. they measure 2.5 x 3.5".

each deck comes cello wrapped & packaged in a white paper box (shown above).

you can use the cards to play a memory matching game (where you flip over cards two at a time, looking for matching pairs) OR like Go Fish or Old Maid, by dealing out hands of 7 cards & putting the rest in a pile to "fish" from. You can use the joker card (which looks like the poster shown in the last image) as the "old maid".

younger kids will love learning their capital & lowercase letters and enjoy the cute animals and bright colors.

older kids will love the range of games they can play with a single deck of cards & enjoy testing their knowledge of unique animals.

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