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SALE: Y is for YAMINON 8.5x11 print/ slightly damaged

  • SALE: Y is for YAMINON 8.5x11 print/ slightly damaged
  • SALE: Y is for YAMINON 8.5x11 print/ slightly damaged
  • SALE: Y is for YAMINON 8.5x11 print/ slightly damaged

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❇️ 4. Where I would normally have a healthy stock of pre-made merchandise on hand, I've been trying to embrace more of a "made on demand" type model to reduce waste and clutter, and keep costs down for both of us. As such, many of the items in the shop now won't exist until purchased. By holding one single guaranteed ship date, I am giving myself room to make any of these handmade items in a loving and un-rushed manner. Details regarding the exact nature of the way this affects certain items will be included in its listing if applicable.
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❇️ 8. THANK YOU for another wonderful year making art for you. I am honored and humbled by all of your support. Thanks for reading all of that!


ONE 8.5 x 11 print available (see photos for the "damage")

Every one of the available discounted prints in this sale will have some imperfections.

In addition, your print may also have:
⭐️ lightly bent corners/curled edges
⭐️ imperfect/uneven borders
⭐️ minor color errors or random ink deposits (as shown in the last image, where the pencil is pointing)
⭐️ ink skips/ minor surface scratches

Imperfections aside, this is an archival quality piece printed on gorgeous, textured Velvet Fine Art paper, and printed with archival quality high pigment inks which showcase the depth of color in the original artwork.


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