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SLIGHTY IMPERFECT Under Appreciated Animals: Series 1 Flash Card set

  • SLIGHTY IMPERFECT Under Appreciated Animals: Series 1 Flash Card set


* I am working on a series 2 (all new animals! well... not new to planet, but... you know) and will not be re-printing these as is-- so when the one I have on hand are gone, they are gone.

* These sets are made from "seconds" & various previous reprints from multiple vendors-- this means that the cards themselves will likely vary within the set (some will be thinner stock than others, some were corner rounded by machine and others by hand which means when stacked they wont line up perfectly), the finish on the surfaces will vary (all the fronts are glossy, but some manufacturers use slightly heavier gloss), etc. You may also notice some "flaws" in the color (this is primarily small cosmetic issues like a band of slightly lighter color across the back, or a faint slightly darker box behind some of the animals). ALL of the imperfections are minor and would probably not be noticed if you weren't looking for them, but it's important to me that you know what to expect, just in case! None of the imperfections impact the usability of the cards though.

* Lastly, the cotton packaging bags for this edition might NOT be stamped, might be stamped with a different design than shown in this photo, or might have some imperfections in the quality of the hand stamping.

* By bringing one of these sets home, though, you are helping me clear out space for the NEW series and helping me finance that initial investment! So thank you!


A is for Alligator
B is for Bear
C is for Cat

... there's nothing *wrong* with that, of course, but your kid's cooler than that, right?
Why not spruce up her toy collection and give her something to get REALLY excited about with the Under-appreciated Animal series by *mightyPigeon!?

this project began when I started realizing that my son's favorite animals at the zoo were also the ones you never see in books or cards or toys for kids... he loved the Dik-Dik, for example, but I couldn't find him any books or cards that didn't use a Dog, a Duck or a Deer.

raise a cooler kid & learn about some new animals at the same time!

this listing is for a set of 26 double sided flash cards. the fronts of the cards feature the animal & letter illustrations from the series/ the back sides give you their name & showcase a cool a list of fun facts about each animal (did you know a group of Tapirs is called a "candle"?!). there's one card per animal (one animal per letter). the backs also include the pronunciation for the animals name... some of them are tricky!

the cards are professionally printed on sturdy weight plastic coated paper-- like decks of cards you'd buy in the store. the fronts are glossy & the backsides are matte (to make reading easier). they measure 4" x 6" * have rounded edges to help little hands grip them (and avoid pointy-pokey corners!).

this set comes in a cotton muslin drawstring bag, for ease of storage. makes a great travel companion-- slides easily into back packs & diaper bags; fits nicely in car consoles for emergency entertainment!

younger kids will love learning their letters and enjoy the cute animals and bright colors.

older kids will love learning about & testing their knowledge of unique animals.


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