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FREE TO BE: Postcards & Stickers bundles & singles

$2.50 - $20.00
  • FREE TO BE: Postcards & Stickers bundles & singles
  • FREE TO BE: Postcards & Stickers bundles & singles

This listing is for either postcards or vinyl stickers OR you can purchase both as a set and save. There are also a couple bulk bundle options if you'd like to grab a whole bunch to send and share. If you would like to buy some to have me send directly to friends, please complete a separate order for each mailing address.

STICKERS: These are approx 3x3 high quality vinyl, waterproof stickers. Stickers are "soft touch" (not too glossy, but also not matte) and have a bright saturated color. They're sturdy and work well on water bottles (yep, you can put em in the dishwasher), laptop covers, car bumpers, guitar cases... anywhere! Due to the nature of the printing process, sometimes you will notice small "pits" or tiny grooves on the sticker. These are nearly imperceptible once peeled off the backing and applied to surfaces.

For POSTCARDS: These postcards are a mixed bag from two different manufacturers; some are a "soft touch" premium postcard (meaning the front and back are coated with a not too matte/ not too gloss coating which makes the card sturdy and the colors lovely, but also makes the blank back side not-so-great for writing on reliably in all mediums), while others are matte on both sides, uncoated on the back and easy to write on. Please allow me to grab one at random. Postcards measure 4x6".


  • STICKER only
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  • POSTCARD only
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  • STICKER & POSTCARD SET (1 of each)
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  • BUNDLE of 5 (5 each of postcards & stickers)
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